‘Dear Mr Terrorist’ – one Muslim beauty vlogger’s open letter to the Nice attacker – BBC Trending

‘Dear Mr Terrorist’ – one Muslim beauty vlogger’s open letter to the Nice attacker – BBC Trending

A Muslim beauty vlogger from Nice has gone viral with a video addressing those who carried out the attack which killed more than 80 people in her hometown last week.

The video entitled ‘Dear Mr Terrorist’ was made by 20-year-old Maroua Bekkouche, who was born in Algeria but has lived in Nice since she was three years old.

As “The Doll Beauty” she usually posts videos about fashion or make up tips. Her video addressing the Nice attacker has now been watched more than 800,000 times on YouTube.

Video Journalists: Anne-Marie Tomchak and Alvaro A. Ricciardelli


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  1. Natmai Rilnemh

    I applaud her message and her bravery, but she's never really read the Qur'an or Hadith if she thinks Islam is about peace. It does indeed for the most part preach peace towards Muslim brothers and sisters, but it prescribes subjugation of non-Muslims and death to apostates.

  2. Séréna L'algerocaine

    Tu ma donner les larme au yeux t'imagine un jour on meurt tous a cause de ces petit terroriste 😭je n'aurai même pas pus grandir comme mes parent on grandi😭je serai un petit ange au paradi qui n'a pas pus grandir et vivre jusque a ma vieillesse 😭

  3. Jack Jones

    So the message of this video is to tolerate the intolerant? This video had an opportunity to condemn the Islamic organisations that kept quiet about the attacker and did not condemn him. You should unsubscribe from BBC Trending and dislike this video for being a basic mockery of those whom died.

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