How 4chan trolls pursued Shia LaBeouf to Finland – BBC Trending

How 4chan trolls pursued Shia LaBeouf to Finland – BBC Trending

How online trolls pursued an outspoken Hollywood star to Finland

Outspoken Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has been the target of trolls – congregating on anonymous websites – ever since his anti-Trump performance art project began in January.

For his latest art installation, he’s alone in a cabin in Lapland, with only one line of communication to the outside world – the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.

But that still hasn’t stopped the trolls, as BBC Trending witnessed first-hand.

Video journalist: Alex Dackevych

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  1. Thuggee

    end the licence fee, end the licence fee, stops steeling, stop your intimidation of the poor stop extorting money from the poor, single parents and people in general.
    your protection racket extorting money is pure evil the BBC is just as bad as AIDS and your propaganda is disgusting it is child abuse to let a child even watch it. you communist filth you disgust me. i am better than you

  2. SwuaveWEB

    Over 9000 lolcopters will block out the sun when the power Kek is upon you.
    Our enemies will unleash screams of "Reeeeeeeee" as they flee back to the hills of tumblr. General Pepe will achieve victory.

    p.s. BBC is trash.

  3. handbanana

    trolls at 4/8chan/reddit are guys who just can't get laid. they hide behind the "lols" – anonymous, dweeby and pathetic – and direct their blue-balled anger at those like labeouf cuz he actually catches pussy. and his political activism guarantees more pussy. so they can't fucking stand it. i bet they watch his music videos and cry.

  4. Santeri

    So… they're trying to find a single cabin. In Lapland. I don't know what to say. LAPLAND IS NOT SMALL, YOU KNOW? And the population density is abysmal, too.

  5. Joe Ç

    Only the BBC would try and paint a violent, rich guy who has been charged with multiple assaults (including on his own fans) as a martyr! Yet they expect our generation to support the blatant propaganda they publish? This is why less than 25% of young people trust the MSM

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