Texas church member says half of congregation gone

Texas church member says half of congregation gone

A member of First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs says on a normal Sunday, there are 40 parishioners. A gunman killed at least 20 of them.


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  1. Thomas Thomas

    The solution is so obvious,Priests in Amerika should wear combat helmets and preach behind a machine gun turret,the congregation must be given bullet proof vests when they attend church,why cant the Yanks see that?

  2. Git Gud

    It appears the shooter was an atheist according to his interests on facebook. Screenshots were taken before the page was scrubbed. Seems he really hated Christians.

  3. David Allen

    knee high to a duck, its like you were the size of a gopher. Im not sure about the accuracy of any of your statements now. But being that you were brain washed by these people, look for the silver lining, now a large portion of these liars can no longer mislead you.

  4. Rey Diego

    Latinos and Blacks only kill each other for street justice since we can’t call the police, we handle our shit like men. White people kill crowds of children in schools and churches. That’s some cowardly shit!

  5. roger peet

    What they should do is, when someone is entering Texas, if they don't have a gun, give them one. Texas should be the first state to ARM EVERYBODY !!!    May Satan bless Texas and may the most firepower win. That is the American way.

  6. yakyakyak69

    Only a crazed leftist would shoot up a church and this ALWAYS happens in “gun free zones” because Liberal Socialists (Communists & Fascists) are COWARDS.

  7. tefflongsxr

    Once again another white male terrorist
    How quickly trump call the terrorist in my with truck animal and already changing policies
    What about those sick white fuckers who keep killing Americans , I m
    More scared of white men then Mohamed, we need to get rid of white men they are the virus

  8. James L Martin Jr

    I do share my deepest sympathy and respect to all of the church congregation this is a tragedy I will be praying for each of you may The Lord comfort the families of these that were taken

  9. TheShortQuest

    I live 5 minutes away from where this happened, to everyone saying that this was a hoax, you're an idiot and you need to get the facts before you say shit like that

  10. Kerry White

    Lets close our eyes for a minute and imagine that ALL guns were gone and completely destroyed. That criminal would have made a bomb and killed them all ! Now imagine if a couple of the people had Concealed Carry Weapons and were trained to use them. First off, he probably would have been to scared to try something like that and if he did he would have died soon after the first shot. When no one has a Self Defense Weapon, plan on waiting 20 minutes for Law Enforcement or for the idiot to run out of ammunition.

  11. Rethinking Religions

    Local authorities have said the shooter posted on Facebook a pic of an AR-15 right before the shooting and that D.P. Kelley was wearing full tactical gear. They have said they are looking into if he was a member of any militia…

  12. D.A. GodBlessUSA

    🙁 carry your guns Patriots……… Open carry if your State allows, or concealed if not……..Follow the Law of your State, don't have a CCW……….GET ONE…….. God be with all whom are suffering.

  13. billy6ization

    What about the black guy that opened fire in a church in Tennessee. This was about a month ago and Noone reported it. He had killed 15 people including the pastor,but one of the guys in the church had a gun on him and shot back at him and killed him. What I can't understand is out of all of them 50 people Noone had a gun. I think something strange is going on here. He escaped and was getting away and just decided to shoot himself. Come on now who's going to belive that.

  14. Bart Hamburg

    another terrible crisis actor who can't act. This is a psychological operation just like the rest of them. No one died no one got hurt. this woman has no emotion because she is an actor. Wake up people

  15. Fernan Valdes

    if this lady really go to this church ,wouldn't she being crying for the people that she would have known for years, but she is just talking cool and nice, there is a lot of fake media fabricating news to the first, thats all they care, not if its actually true

  16. Lynn Sanchez

    Wow they lady and her daughter change her mind about going to church GoD is good he reveal hisself they are pure evil do go up in a church and do they that is so aweful it's not safe to go to church now I guess the church are going to have to have security guards now

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