Trump: Obama didn’t ‘often’ call families of fallen soldiers

Trump: Obama didn’t ‘often’ call families of fallen soldiers

President Trump says he wrote letters and placed calls to the families of the soldiers killed in Niger. He touted most other presidents, including President Obama, didn’t “often” do the same.


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  1. Biggwill NYC

    Can this guy make ONE statement without comparing himself to and complaining about Mr. Obama!!?? He makes himself looks so envious of Mr. Obama to the point that's it's pathetic and sad. Not to mention boring and nauseating.

  2. Kevtb87

    He truly is a moron and a child. WHY bring up Obama? Who the fucks cares!? What's he got to do with anything? Why make these stupid false claims just to backtrack on them seconds later?? I get that he is a pathological liar and can't help it but it only makes he himself look bad. Maybe he has a small dick and can't help comparing himself to Obama every second of every day. Gotta make himself look good somehow. 'I know, I'll make up some false unbacked claims to make Obama look bad. That makes me look better in comparison, right? That's what a President would do. Oh wait, people can check on things and use facts to disprove it, right? Better shut up instead'Imbecile.

  3. Allosaurus Fragilis

    Trump doesnt give a shit about fallen soldiers….unless it makes him look bad. Too busy tweeting his crap, watching tv and golfing to call anyone. Mind you, trump would be the last person id want to hear from in those circumstances. Does he ever tell the truth about anything?

  4. Nunez J

    See past the lines. Why would anyone make that assumption when it can be debunked? That's because that's what they want you to talk about. That's what they want the news media to focus on.

  5. mugseyone one

    Trump makes me want to throw up chunks ! Lier , imposter , makes me sick , he just will not leave his personal vendetta of Obama , alone . In my opinion , Trump is a 12 year old in a 75 year old body , damn I hate this guy , I am embarrassed to even be associated with him being an American , Damn , excuse me while I go throw up ! Three more years of this person , worst president ever .

  6. Barnettstrongman Jnes

    I think it proves he has serious narcissistic ideas. Self-grandiose personality disorder. He is half jewish and he will destroy our country. Most jews are like this. They have issues because their mothers are overbearing and their fathers are fag.

  7. Greg Paul

    I could of sworn he said that these letters are going out either today or night tonight. Not today or tomorrow! am I wrong in hearing that????

  8. Brittney K01

    FtRUMP is SCUM personified. He will leave the most BIGLYEST, nasty, smelly stain on the fabric of American history 😩 MAGA! Impeach this 🤡 He’s a NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT!

  9. dgrichmondbc

    This miserable excuse for a human being again reaches a new low. Politicizing deaths of soldiers killed in action. Come on Trumpists, let's hear all your bs excuses defending the worst POTUS ever.

  10. wandering spirit

    Hell will freeze over before liberals control the Oval, House and Senate again. Watching liberal news
    anchors cry again live on air in 2020 when Trump is re-elected will be PRICELESS. 87 more months of
    liberals vacationing at Trump Med will be fun to watch.

  11. afadedimage

    ugh, who cares. You people continue to attack his character but can't say one thing about how he's made things bad….because he hasn't. He's reversing all the garbage that homo muslim did to this country for 8 years.

  12. Donovan

    45 is so awesome, the general population is just not intelligent enough to understand his genious. Does it matter home many lions and tigers and bears he buys?  Can a lemon change its spots? Baseball caps, hot deals and applebees, yes, he is an ameraucana. Donnie Drumpf has earned the respect of the..ah… some people. He has done so much, it's just too much to list them all here. He needs our support and respect not facts thrown in his face on a daily basic. It makes it hard to concentrate and yet he is still able to sign stuff and at the end of the day, still have the energy and stamina to play a great winning game of golf. We should be proud of our Dear Leader..

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